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Updated: December 12, 2017

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Please allow 4-5 weeks for Desk Copy delivery

2018SP1 Online Course Materials (.PDF)

2018SP1 Online Course Materials (Excel Download)

2018SP1 Online Course Materials (Excel Download)

eText Bb Ultra Session for Centers (Webinar – 54 minutes)
Original air date November 9, 2017.  Introduction to, information on, and Q & A about Saint Leo’s Spring 2018 Bookstore Transition to Follett for WorldWide.  Special guest Lee Cobb (and others) from Follett address questions from Centers.   Also, detailed information for accessing and using Digital Content in Courses.

Digital Course Materials Access (.PDF)
Bookstore Transition, Direct Digital Access, MyLab, REVEL, MindTap, and more.

Direct Digital Access Information – DDA

DDA Tips for Help and Navigation (.PDF)

Abbie Luoma’s 2017Fall1 Informational Video Explaining Direct Digital Access (DDA) Vital Source, Revel, MyLabs, MindTap and more…

2017FA2 Online Course Materials (.PDF)

2017FA2 Online Course Materials (Excel Download)

2017FA1 Online Course Materials (.PDF)

2017FA1 Online Course Materials (Excel Download)
Listing of Courses, Textbook Titles, Current Edition, ISBN Number and more.

Instructions for accessing the Textbook Lists with MBS Direct (PDF)
Easy to follow, step-by-step guide

National Books from which Saint Leo Custom Books are Created (PDF)

Worldwide Courses not offered online 2017SU2 (.PDF)

VitalSource Desk Copy Instructions (.PDF)

FAQ on Deep Linked Assignments and Grades (.PDF)

Content Initiative LibGuide

2017SU2 Online Course Materials (.PDF)

2017SU2 Online Course Materials (Excel Download)
Listing of Courses, Textbook Titles, Current Edition, ISBN Number and more.

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Who will be required to follow “Changes to Textbooks for Worldwide Courses” as communicated by Dr. Nastanski?  All Instructors teaching for Saint Leo Worldwide. (Online, Centers, VTT, Blended, and ICC)


What term do we begin following the new directive? 2017SU2


Where will the students order course materials 2017SU2?

  • Online students will order from the Online Learning Textbook list.
  • Center On-ground course sections will be listed on the Saint Leo World Wide textbook list.
  • VTT and ICC will continue to have a separate textbook list and will use the same materials as Online and Saint Leo Worldwide locations.


One of the main reasons we have decided to move to this model is so that students can easily transition to another section of a course if the one they are enrolled in is cancelled.  (Example if a Center on ground class cancels they can enroll in the online course without having to return/reorder course materials.)

We believe this will aid with retention, eliminate course material errors, and help reduce the cost of the course materials.  With increases in sales numbers we will receive better volume discounts from the bookstores and we pass those savings on to students.


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