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SLU Works to Significantly Reduce Cost
of Course Materials for Students

Updated: November 7, 2017


Abbie Luoma’s November 2017 Center Director Presentation Information on Bookstore Transition, Direct Digital Access, MyLab, REVEL, MindTap, and more.

Abbie Luoma’s 2017Fall1 Informational Video Explaining Direct Digital Access (DDA) Vital Source, Revel, MyLabs and more…

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Help and Tips for Accessing Digital Content

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MindTap [Cengage]

MyLab [Pearson]

This Fall, Saint Leo students will begin to see significant price reductions in select course materials and have immediate access to those materials, including textbook, the first time they log-in to Courses.  Plus, in many cases access codes for courseware are beginning to go away making your experience simple and more reliable.
Saint Leo University negotiated significantly discounted pricing for courseware.  We believe it is the lowest price you will find anywhere for the precise materials required for your course.


First, please take a moment and click this link to complete a 3 second system check to ensure your system is configured for success.

What Students will see beginning Fall 2017
In courses with direct access to content, students will see a link to course materials after clicking on the content link in your course.  Upon clicking on course materials you will find you have immediate, free access to course materials for the first 10 days of the term, and you will have the ability to extend access for the duration of the term.
Clicking the Temporary 10-Day Access link provides immediate free access to required courseware for the first 10 days of the term only.  After the fifth day of class, you will have the option to extend your access for the remainder of the term.
There will be no access code to redeem. After completing your order transaction your access will extend for the remainder of the term and you can rest assured you have the correct materials for your course.
Students can pay to extend access for their courseware with student financial aid voucher, debit card, credit card, or PayPal.
Students who prefer a printed book have the option to purchase an inexpensive print upgrade.