Faculty Enrichment Series 2016-2017


Saint Leo University, through its Office of Faculty Development and Enrichment, has developed a faculty development framework to support excellence in teaching and in facilitating student learning. The scholarship of teaching and application, where faculty embrace innovative approaches and best practices to develop skills, transform knowledge, and find and solve real world problems, is fundamental to foster students’ intellectual, emotional, and social growth for their successful integration in the professional global setting. Faculty participation in scholarly and professional activities guided by the scholarship of discovery and integration is essential to maintain professional competency and currency.

Faculty Enrichment Series logo of a hand grasping for leaves in a formation that resembles a tree


In alignment with Academic Affairs’ goals to become the premier, multi-modal teaching and learning university for the 21st Century, the overall purpose of the Faculty Enrichment Series is to ensure that all faculty receive recognition according to their level of experience, alongside guidance on how to develop as educators through the provision of appropriate and fulfilling developmental activities and opportunities. The Enrichment Series gives faculty greater access to resources that will boost clarity and objectivity of outcomes.


The Faculty Development Framework consists of five Domains, and it is a way of allowing faculty to determine how to keep current in all the different topics in each domain, as well as providing them with a guide on how to advance further. Proficiency in each Domain topic is developmental recognizing that expertise develops through distinct stages. We have devised three stages of learning progression.



is characterized by the assimilation of explicit knowledge that might be process-based and context free.



is where faculty demonstrate competency, but skills are still refining through mindful practice.



is where knowledge is intuitive and context-dependent incorporated tacitly through practice.

This developmental competency framework will allow a faculty member in a particular role, and at a particular career stage, to display different levels of expertise in the different domains.

An important aspect of the framework is to foster the idea of mentoring and supporting others. A cohort model will be available for faculty members who are particularly interested in creating a community of educators.



Click the button to select your 2016-2017 Faculty Enrichment Series Domain & Topic selections.


Decide whether or not to align the Teaching & Learning Domain Elective Topic that you selected in Step 1 within your Faculty Development Plan (FDP).

Timeline: 9/16/2016 – 12/31/2016
  1. Begin Essentials level enrichment activities for your Themed Topic (Outcomes Based Design).
  2. Begin Essentials level enrichment activities for your Elective Topic.

You will be notified via email with instructions for accessing your enrichment Topic online modules.

Timeline: 1/16/2017 – 5/12/2017
  1. Begin Savvy level enrichment activities for your Themed Topic (Outcomes Based Design).
  2. Begin Savvy level enrichment activities for your Elective Topic.
Timeline: 1/16/2017 – 5/12/2017

Completion of the Sage level enrichment is optional. Faculty interested in becoming a mentor (either for service, leadership, or potential financial purposes), must complete Sage level enrichment.

  1. Begin Sage level enrichment activities for your Themed Topic (Outcomes Based Design).
  2. Begin Sage level enrichment activities for your Elective Topic.