Topic: Classroom Management

Outcome(s) Activities Measure(s) Materials



1. Participants will identify the most common classroom issues and determine potential solutions to those issues.


2. Participants will identify the most common student issues and determine potential solutions to those issues

Read Primary materials



Guest speakers


TED talks / video presentations

Participants will build a list of Saint Leo centric issues for classrooms and students regarding behaviors and attitudes.

Primary: Classroom Management (Rodriguez, 2011)


Secondary: Cornell University Center for Teaching Excellence Website



1. Participants will co-construct a “classroom management Bible” for Saint Leo University faculty and students.

2. Participants will identify at least three, new interventions / treatments in their classrooms.

Read secondary materials


Integrate at least one module / week of content between two classes currently being taught by different instructors.

Participants will add at least one unique problem and real-world solution to the list of classroom management strategies for Saint Leo.


Participants will record / document treatment and intervention strategies.

Sage (optional):


1. Participants will construct a curriculum for adjunct faculty which demonstrates the most effective practices for classroom management by modality.

Read Primary and Secondary materials


Determine if classroom management theories proposed by the larger cohort are also appropriate for cognitive development.

Produce a curriculum plan with classroom management theory, assessment, activities, and presentation assets. Primary: Learning in Adulthood – Part 4 (Caffarella / Baumgartner, 2005)