Topic: Education Technology – Beyond the Basics

Outcome(s) Activities Measure(s) Materials



1. Participants will evaluate at least 3 education technologies for educational efficacy.

Read Primary materials


Experiment with strategic (pedagogical) usage of education technology tools in classes across modalities.

Evaluation of professor’s usage of new education technology in the classroom.

Primary: A Comprehensive Evaluation Rubric for Assessing Instructional Apps (Lee / Cherner, 2015)


Secondary: It’s Complicated (Boyd, 2014)



1. Participants will co-construct (crowd-sourced) an education technology rubric for Saint Leo University faculty and students.
Participants will co-construct an “ed tech idea book” for Saint Leo University faculty and students.

Read secondary materials


Build a Social Networking / Social Learning experience for current students in a live class.


Create a rubric for education technology as leveraged by self or students.

Demonstrate education technology in practice in your classroom for a peer.


Utilize a self/team constructed rubric for a new (to the professor) education technology in class.

Sage (optional):


1. Participants will construct a curriculum for adjunct faculty which explores how to find, evaluate, and use (curate) education technology tools / apps.

Read Primary and Secondary materials


Produce a curriculum plan with education technology theory, assessment, activities, and presentation assets.

Create a portfolio of new, usable education technology options for beginning professors. Primary: The Online Learning Idea Book (Shank, 2007)