Topic: Narrative-based Approaches to Learning

Outcome(s) Activities Measure(s) Materials



1. Participants will be able to identify narrative frameworks and mechanics.

Read Primary materials


Reconstruct one class session to utilize narrative learning throughout

Create “arc plots” for current classroom experiences.

Primary: Narrative Perspectives on Adult Education (New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, Number 126)


Secondary: Save the Cat (Snyder, 2005)



1. Participants will co-construct (crowd-sourced) a narrative learning workbook for Saint Leo University faculty and students.

Read secondary materials


Build a digital story asset for use in a class during the current semester.


Create a rubric for narrative as delivered by self or students.

Demonstrate narrative learning in your classroom for a peer.


Utilize rubric for narrative in class.

Sage (optional):


1. Participants will construct a curriculum for adjunct faculty which creates opportunities for narrative learning experiences in their classrooms immediately.

Read Primary and Secondary materials


Produce a curriculum plan with narrative theory, activities, and presentation assets.

Produce digital storytelling assets that explore narrative learning. Primary: Learning in Adulthood – Part 3 (Caffarella / Baumgartner, 2005)