Topic: Noncognitive Skills and Strategies for the Classroom

Outcome(s) Activities Measure(s) Materials



1. Participants will be able to synthesize grit, mindset, resilience, motivation, engagement, and emotional intelligence as applied in a classroom.

Read Primary materials


Leverage GRIT rubric in the classroom

Create, implement, and assess students with regard to growth mindset / grit in or around a course assignment.

Primary: Mindset (Dweck, 2007)


Secondary: GRIT (Duckworth, 2016)



1. Participants will co-construct (crowd-sourced) a framework for Saint Leo University faculty and students that encompasses the most prioritized noncognitive skill elements.


2. Participants will develop a “reframed problem” assignment for students, including follow-through of “desirable difficulties” conversations.

Read secondary materials


Build a Mindset rubric for self-reflection based on an intervention treatment.

Create, implement, and assess growth mindset / grit interventions in a course.

Sage (optional):


1. Participants will construct a curriculum for adjunct faculty which explains the most essential GRIT / Mindset / EQ components for the college classroom.

Read Primary and Secondary materials


Produce a curriculum plan with noncognitive skills theoretical, assessment, activities, and presentation assets.

Produce noncognitive learning assets

Primary: Training the Brain: Cultivating Emotional Skills with Richard Davidson (Audiobook, 2010)


Secondary: The Growth Mindset Coach (Brock / Hundley, 2016)