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4 Secrets for Outsmarting Plagiarizers

While so-called detection services like Turnitin help you catch plagiarism, students are getting better at beating them, using various techniques that you might not know.

Whenever Turnitin similarity score percentages seem suspiciously low, it’s handy to know techniques for spotting and addressing plagiarism. And there are even measures that you can take to plagiarism-proof your assignments!

The Academic Affairs Office of Faculty Development and Enrichment invites all faculty to join us to learn 4 secrets for outsmarting sneaky plagiarizers.

In this session, you'll learn:

The mechanics of Turnitin (and other similar detection services).

Sneaky student techniques to outsmart Turnitin.

Techniques for catching and addressing sneaky plagiarism in your class.

Techniques for plagiarism-proofing your class assignments.

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