Content Initiative

The primary goal of the Content Initiative is to reduce or eliminate textbook costs for our students.

There are many ways to help our students reduce the cost of their education. Replacing traditional commerical print textbooks with other materials such as:

  • Open Education Resources (including print on demand or etextbooks)
  • Library Resources (Ebooks, Articles, Films on Demand, etc.)
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Etc.,

The content initiative is just one of the options for reducing costs for our students. The Content Initiative Team will also be suggesting more options for assisting in this initiative as well. Our first priority will be reducing textbook and course material costs for University Explorations program and the General Associate of Arts Degree program – our goal is that costs will be $0 or as close to zero as possible (low cost-no cost) by August, 2017.

Want to be part of this initiative? Let us know. For a full description of this initiative, see the attached document, below.


View Content Initiative Goals Here. 


Please contact Steve Rheinschmidt ( for more information.