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Lions SHARE Now Available for Sneak Peak – Full Launch in January 2017

When Pearson Education announced it would be discontinuing LearningStudio, Saint Leo University went to work to find a replacement for it’s soon-to-be-gone LMS.  Saint Leo saw an opportunity – an opportunity to create a learning eco-system never seen before in education anywhere in the world.

Most in the Saint Leo community know that D2L is replacing LearningStudio.  However, D2L is only a portion of the learning eco-system Saint Leo is creating.


Introducing Lions SHARE

Lions SHARE combines D2L (which now will simply be called Courses), Office 365, and Whiteboard (formerly MeTL) within a Social environment which allows for connections and interactions across the entire University from our Centers, to Online Courses, to University Campus.


Links to what you want and need to know about Lions SHARE:

How to Navigate in Lions SHARE

OVERVIEW: Lions SHARE Social (powered by UCROO)

Lions SHARE Information Flier (pdf)

D2L Student Training

D2L Faculty Training & Resources

Whiteboard (formerly MeTL)

Lions SHARE Sneak Peek (requires authentication)


For 24/7/365 Lions SHARE Technical Support please call toll-free 1.866.928.2439.

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