My Saint Leo Minute

The content of the video should follow a familiar pattern. The idea of the video is to connect a student’s growth while at Saint Leo University.


“My name is Bob, I’m a sophomore at Saint Leo University and this is me.”

Your strength. Limit this, preferably to one. Work on depth rather than breadth. Make a succinct statement about what you’re building.

“Saint Leo is helping me become a leader.”


“While in my BIO course, my group and I faced a really tough crisis when one of our members lost a loved one…”

The moral

“This is how Saint Leo is helping me become a leader.”

You can use any iOS or Android device that records both audio and video.    Video must be saved as an MPEG-4 video (.mp4) file type.

*The following examples are from students at Deakin University.

Web content

Web content

*The following video is from Deakin University. Not all of the information pertains to your “My Saint Leo Minute” video.