Trial of the Century


This Fall term, students and faculty, in 7 disciplines (Theatre, Script Analysis, Courtroom Communication, Digital Forensics, Sociology [Deviance & Social Control] and Genetics) as well as the “Lions Pride” newspaper staff, have come together to host a mock trial we are calling the “Trial Of The Century”.  Combining the best parts of an Alternate Reality Game with a fully immersive simulation, students are experiencing a crime investigation from an insider’s perspective.  On November 4th and 5th, seven classes will converge on Selby Auditorium to defend/prosecute three students for a “crime” committed on campus.  Will the students be acquitted of all charges or will they be sentenced to prison?  We invite you to come to Selby Auditorium at Saint Leo on November4th at 5:00pm for jury selection and Saturday at 9:00am for the trial.  The verdict will be read at 4:00pm


Articles on the experience:

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