How do you rename a conversation?

  1. Click Options
  2. Click Conversations
  3. Find the conversation from the list shown and click Edit
  4. Scroll down to where you see your Title
  1. Make the title change in the grey box.   It saves the title automatically.


How do you delete inappropriate student work?

You can ban any ink, text or image on the screen by following these steps:

  1. Click on Select
  2. Click on Administer Content
  3. Draw a box around the content that you wish to ban
  4. Click on Ban
  5. The highlighted content has now been removed from public view and the person that created the content has been place in private mode until the instructor decides to unban them.

How do you restrict a conversation to just my class?

  1. Click Options
  2. Click Conversations
  3. Find the conversation from the list shown and click Edit
  4. Scroll down to Editable attribute and find the group you want to restrict it too.   Once you select it, the conversation will be restricted to just that group or class.

How do I set up the classroom computer with MeTL?

  1. Sign it to Whiteboard
  2. Pull up your conversation
  3. Click Options
  4. The click Project this Conversation 
  5. Now sign in with your other device (Tablet, laptop, etc.)   You will not be able to control the conversation from this device.

What is the URL for Whiteboard?

https://whiteboard.lionsshare.saintleo.edu  You can also access it through D2L under your courses:


How do I import a PowerPoint?

  1. Open up Whiteboard
  2. Click on the grey button Create a conversation by importing a file
  3. Find your PowerPoint and upload it.  You can also upload PDF’s and Word Docs.

How can I make MeTL full screen?

Press F11. On some tablets and PCs you may have to hold the Function Key while pressing F11. Note: Microsoft has not implemented this feature in the Edge browser.

How do I find and join a conversation?

When you first open MeTL you will get a Search screen. Type the name of the conversation in the Search box and press Enter or click the Search button. You do not need to type in the entire name, a key word is sufficient. To get to the Search screen from a conversation, click Options then select Conversations. The search box is not case sensitive.

How can I edit the name of a conversation?

Click the Options control and select Conversations. Find the conversation name that you wish to edit and click Edit on the far right of the conversation details to enter the edit screen. Scroll down to the conversation name and select the name or part of the name and type in the new name. Scroll back up to the top of the screen and click “Back to search” to return to the search screen, or “Join conversation” to join the conversation. The new name will appear in the banner of the Whiteboard screen.

Can I export a conversation to OneNote?

Yes. Export will take you to your Microsoft account that you are currently logged into. Log into the SLU Microsoft 360 account. Ensure that your OneNote Online account is synchronized with the 360 desktop account. Click Options and then select Export this conversation.

Can I print a conversation to a pdf?

Yes, if you have a printer driver for pdf installed on your device. Click the Options button, select Print, and select the pdf printer driver.

How do I only select one item of content?

When you click an item of content every piece of content that you own that intersects the point you touch will be selected. This can be a trap if you only want to select one item. To deselect unwanted items of content, click on that content in an area where only that content occurs. You may have to do this several times to isolate a single piece of content from many pieces of content  that have been selected because they all overlap in the area that was selected. This is a subtractive method of content selection and is designed for mobile devices. It is the opposite of the additive method used in applications with a key board, such as PowerPoint.

Is there an Undo button?

No, because of the potential interactions among content belonging to different participants, an Undo button is problematic. However, there is as a feature that recovers deleted material. Click on the Options button, select Recycle bin, navigate to the item you want to restore and click the Restore content button.

Can I edit a text box?

Yes. Click on the Text control and then on the text you want to edit. This will display a selection marquee around the text.

Can I restrict the conversation so that only I can see it?

Yes. Click on Options and select Conversations. Find the conversation in the search list that you want to restrict and click on Edit on the far right of the conversation details to enter the edit screen. Scroll down and find the group that you want to restrict the conversation to. By default when you create a conversation it is unrestricted. If you restrict the conversation to yourself, only you can see and join it. This is useful if you want to prepare a conversation for a class but do not want students to see it until you are ready.

Can I zoom to a particular part of the canvas?

Yes. Click on the Zoom control and drag a marquee from the top left to the bottom right of the area you want to zoom into. Note the aspect ratio of the device screen will control the aspect ratio of the zoom marquee that you can draw.

Can I have a custom background on a page such as graph paper?

Yes. Create a sample graph paper in PowerPoint or a drawing application and save it as an image. Import or insert that image and position and stretch it as appropriate on the page. Using this principle a library of desired images can easily be generated.

Can I send students a link to a particular page in a conversation?

Yes.  Click Options and select Deeplink this slide.

Coming Soon!

  1. Editable Attributes – With this feature, you can restrict your conversations to just yourself, one class, all classes or leave it unrestricted. Click each drop down menu using the arrow box.

Editable Attributes


2. Word cloud – This feature reads all of the typed and inked words, as well as classifications from images and other commands.

Word Cloud


3. Recycle Bin – If you accidentally delete text or an object from a slide, you can now recover that item.

Recycle Bin