The Presidency at Saint Leo



News Flash

Unnamed sources within the Republican campaign are linking allegations of poll tampering to a ‘pay to play’ arrangement with the education political action committee. One source claims money exchanged hands between the education PAC and Friedman campaign in order to secure the high profile endorsement.

Check out our interview on the Bill Bunkley Show

In 2015, Saint Leo got a lot of great press around our first Alternate Reality Learning Experience (ARLE): The Presidency.  9 classes from 7 different programs came together to stage a series of debates and ultimately an election for President of the United States.  In 2016, this curriculum integration event which creates interdependence among students will run again, Come and see what happens!

Oct 3: Vice Presidential Debate – Boardrooms A, B, C – 6pm

Nov 7: Presidential Debate & Election – Boardrooms A, B, C – 6pm