The Presidency at Saint Leo

Angela Johnson

Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate

Angela Johnson mother of one born in Miami, Florida on August 24, 1975 to Joe and Elizabeth Brown. I am the youngest of four siblings (Carl, Abigale, Ariel and Joseph). I went on to attending Yale University, graduated in four years with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Criminal Justice. After receiving my B.A. in Political Science, I continued on to get my Law degree at Yale University. Eventually I went on to running for State Legislator of Florida and obtaining that position from 2004 to 2012. After being State Legislator for nine years, I went on to now being Senator of Florida. I have a strong foundation belief in my faith, and family. I feel that man and women should be equal in all things. People should feel free to practice whatever faith they want to be in, belief that they want to have, and sexual preference. I also feel that the government should be here for the people and help care and protect the people. When it comes up to foreign policies, I feel that we should welcome people from different cultures of life into the U.S. as we are known for being the most multi- cultural Country. Though, we also need to be more firm and thorough in the background checks that we do, to make sure we are allowing the right people in.