The Presidency at Saint Leo

Caterina Castillo

Republican Vice Presidential Candidate

Born: January 2, 1961 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Marital Status: Married for 32 years

Children: 4 Children. (1) Matthew: 29 Years old, Married for 4 years with 2 kids, Army Intelligence and his wife is a veterinarian. Currently stationed in Germany. (2) Amelia 26 years old, married for 6 years with 3 kids. Elementary school teacher and husband is a doctor. Live in Savannah, Georgia.  (3) David: 24 years old, Architect. Lives in Nashville. (4) Charlotte: 22 Years old, currently enrolled in NYU for law school.

Experience: Raised by upper-middle class parents in Atlanta during the end of the civil rights movement.  A first generation Italian-American and only child to my parents. Graduated valedictorian of my high school class and went on to Saint Leo University to study Political Science and Criminal Justice. Graduating Saint Leo with a 4.0, I went to Georgetown to study Law. I received my Law Degree and my Doctoral Degree in International Relations from Georgetown. Upon graduation I obtained employment working for the CIA with a focus primarily on Russia and Eastern European Countries. During the course of working for the CIA I had a natural affinity for Russian culture and language which my supervisors noted and put me in the running for a post in Russia. Never expecting to become ambassador, however during my time in Russia a scandal broke with the sitting ambassador of Russia and he was removed from his position. The state department did not have a candidate in mind to fill the position, they asked one of my supervisors and he recommended me. Upon that recommendation President Bush appointed me making me the youngest and first female Ambassador to Russia. Early on the Russians were not happy with the appointment, but decided to give me a chance. After a few months as ambassador they realized that I truly admired and was respectful of their culture in a way that my predecessor was not.  Held my position for 6 years and now am running for Vice President.