The Presidency at Saint Leo

Paul Freidman

Republican Presidential Candidate

Born: 1968 (48) in Las Vegas, Nevada

Religion: Mainline Protestant

Marriage: Married once at age 18 (1986), had first son 1988. Wife died 1991. Re-married 1997, second son was born in 1998 and only daughter was born in 2000.

Experience: Born to working class, service industry parents in Las Vegas, suffered a troubled youth and caught up in drugs in high school. Enlisted in Air force at age 18 to pay for college, received B.A. and M.A. in Economics from the University of Nevada. Upon graduation became a part time contributor at the Cato Institute. Became a Commissioned Officer at age 24, continued to serve in The Air Force until 2000 when I ran for Congress and won and served 4 terms. Served as the chairman of the Monetary Policy and Trade subcommittee of the House Financial Services committee from 2003-2007 (2nd and 3rd terms) and became ranking member of the House Financial Services committee for my final term after Democrats took control of the House. Ran for Senate and won in 2008, and then ran for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2016 and won.