The Presidency at Saint Leo

Democratic Platform


As it relates to our parties stance on immigration it is evident that we will make an attempt to reform the current system. If immigrants are currently residing in the United States they should be granted citizenship. With that being said we recommend more in depth background checks for those who are trying to enter the country BUT not for those who have already been in the country and have NOT committed a crime. Through an Interpol collaboration, we would also do extensive background checks on flagged individuals before they are granted citizenship. It is evident to us that we would not be who we are as a country if we were to keep certain groups of individuals out of the country so we propose a non-exclusionary system.


Ultimately our goal is to build upon the affordable care act in a sense that we take some things away in specify the powers given to insurance companies in the current healthcare system. As it relates to pharmaceutical companies we need to focus on the inflation of medication prices. In today’s society citizens that rely on social security assistance are being toiled with due to the inflation of medication that is constantly occurring, the majority of their stipulation is being spent on medication. As it related to the Zika virus, firstly we need to recognize that it is a world epidemic. We need to acknowledge the virus before it becomes more of an issue before it is as wide spread as the HIV virus.

Criminal Justice

As it related to the current Criminal Justice system we feel the need to get rid of the three strike system as well as Lengthy prison sentences for nonviolent offenders. Privatized prisons among the entire government need to be disbanded in order to dismay a countrywide industrial complex. On the touchy topic of police brutality, every state must supply body cams to each officer in a time frame of two years from the date that we take office. If they cannot do that then the officer must be taken off the street until the correct funding is appropriated. A Private commission or task force, opposite to the DOJ, that investigates all racial profiling as well as racial motivated killings by police and civilians. This task force would also investigate the prosecution process among the majority of crimes. We should force every state to do background checks on their officers. Strictly due to the fact that each state has different laws. Every officer in the current law enforcement system needs to be knowledgeable of federal laws.

Wage Inequality

No matter what the gender, age, ethnicity there should be equal pay for equal work. This is a very important topic to our party due to the fact that we have a strong woman as our Vice Presidential Candidate. As it relates to equal pay amongst social sects. We plan to propose a federal law that would ensure that all workers that are doing the same job are guaranteed equal pay. We also propose that the federal minimum wage be raised to $10.00 an hour.


Our main priority is a complete internal and external reform of the current education system. We want to repeal the No Child Left Behind Act as it had disastrous consequences on a child development and advancement in schools. Standardized testing will be cut back significantly and we want to keep Common Core education. How our administration hopes to do this is by increasing funding to inner city schools and raising teacher’s wages. This will be funded by a regulatory tax control commission for education which would destroy the myth that Common Core brings the standard of education down to a “lowest common denominator”. It would do this as public underprivileged and schools with low testing scores would have increased funding for materials and resources they need. This commission would also create thousands of jobs as it would have district level employees ensuring that schools are receiving the aid they desperately need. This is what we like to call a “bottom-up reform” as its goal is to bring struggling schools up to par with every other school the country so Common Core is working efficiently. Also to ensure that students are receiving the best possible education, we want to implement after school programs that will keep our children interested in education and off the streets. We will encourage local businesses and programs to donate and run these programs and in turn, they will receive tax write-offs. For higher education, we are hoping to make 2-year public college programs free as it would assist those who wish to receive vocational and technical training to obtain the education they would need, therefore enabling Americans to open up their own businesses.