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What is Common Core?

What is common core? According to common core state standards initiative “common core is the new standards is a set of high-quality academic standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy (ELA). These learning goals outline what a student should know and be able to do at the end of each grade.” The reasons behind common core is to have students ready to graduate high school with the knowledge that is necessary to succeed in college, in a career and to be able to succeed in life no matter where they live in the United States. It helps students be prepared for entry level classes in college, workforce training programs, and introductory academic college course. It focuses on developing critical thinking, problem thinking, and analytical skills that’s are needed to be successful.

Where did the common core come from? State standards have been coming around stating in the early 1990s. By the 2000s each state had their own state standards for education. The lack of conformity is what started the development of the common core. Forty two states, the District of Columbia, four territories and the Department of Defense Education Activity have adopted and are using the new standards. The common core has been in the works since 2008, it started with the former Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano who wrote an initiative for the year that had a strong focus on improving math and science education. Dane Linn, a vice president of the Business Roundtable who oversees its Education and Workforce Committee stated “The more she thought about it, she came to the conclusion that America couldn’t lead the world in innovation and remain being competitive if we didn’t have an internationally competitive education system,”

Comparing old standards V. common core. The math common core require a greater focus by teachers and deeper knowledge by the students then the old standards. They need to be able to calculate equations, understand concepts and not just memorize answers. Be able to select the best mathematical equation and demonstrate why the method is correct. In elementary school an old standard a question can be answered by a “count-all” strategy, in which you don’t need to know your multiplication tables by memory to get the right answer. The common core standard the question requires automatic recall of multiplication tables to get at the right answer. The English common core are to make sure that students are understanding what they read and can effectively talk and write about it. For first graders the old standards the students retell the main events (e.g., beginning, middle, and end) of Frog and Toad Together, and identify the characters and the setting of the story. With common core now they compare and contrast the adventures and experiences of Frog and Toad in Frog and Toad Together, and participate in collaborative conversations about their comparisons.