“YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!” said coach Herm Edwards. Now, tons of Americans believe that statement contains some truth to it but, we must be aware that sometimes it comes at our player’s expense. Health care for our athletes in all sports and all ages are pivotal to our society because it is a huge contributor to our health care system. Just recently we’ve seen NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell pledge $100 million dollars in efforts to prevent concussions by funding a new initiative called Play Safe Play Smart according to news services. So it is safe to assume that Vice Presidential candidate Angela Johnson is happy with this decision because in a recent interview she said: “It is all about the safety of our players”. Allow me to supply some facts, according to in 2015 there was 271 in 2015…in the National Football League alone!!! According to the New York Times players in contact sports like Football, Lacrosse, and, Hockey, they are “EIGHT times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s or dementia than the general population”. These patients are going to our Neurologist and other doctors and we have to make sure that both parties are able to care for the patient with the highest prestige. It looks like Vice Presidential candidate Angela Johnson is aware that this issue plays a role in our health care system and has a clear standpoint.


Now there are two sides to this issue, some people like Angela Johnson say we should continue to adjust the rules and regulations and maintain players as priorities, so the safety of our players are made a bigger impact on the game, and some people are feeling as if we should either keep the rules the same as they are now or even eliminate the new rules because it is ruining the sport. To speak on behalf of Mrs. Johnson’s side contact sports can be just as dangerous as they are exciting and concussions and diseases like CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) need to be taken seriously. CTE is basically a disease in the brain found in people who participate in contact sports. It is caused by repeated substantial hits to the head. Unfortunately, according to, it is one of those cases where it can only be diagnosed after death, So we should start early and often to prevent these cases.


The evidence brought forth is convincing and has depth, however they are individuals who are not fans of the rule changes and want things to be reverted back for example former NFL Linebacker Ray Lewis [about the new rules and regulations about concussions] it is “stripping away the inherent violence” and “the game will be diluted very quickly.” And that seems to be the consistent comment when a certain player is asked.


So as you can see a very interesting topic in regulating rules and regulations preventing concussions in contact sports and you can see how it relates to our health care system, which a Johnson wants to improve and she is willing to put our players first.