Making sure the economy works for everybody


The heart of social welfare in the United States is to help families who need assistance meeting financial obligations and obtain necessary means in order to provide for the individual and/or their families. Over 60 years ago the first welfare initiative began, and welfare has changed as the country has grown and the needs of individuals and families have become more varied and diverse. Unfortunately it seems like throughout the years it has become harder and harder to find a solution to this problem.


Federal Government has spent trillions of dollars over more then half a century and has lost its war against poverty. Experts on social welfare policy say these substantial gains in reducing poverty are not visible precisely because republicans succeeded over the last decade in shifting government aid programs from direct cash assistance to benefits like food stamps and housing vouchers, that are not counted in annual statistics. It has been said time and time again that the wrong approach has been used, others question if the system in place even works and doubt it can ever succeed.


Now I have asked the candidates from the Activist and Democrat parties their opinion on this issue, and weather they think the system in place works or not. Both Angela Johnson the candidate for Democrat Vice President and Maurqise McGill from the activist party believe the Welfare system needs to be reformed, and also believe that the system will never work if it is being abused by those tricking the system in order to get more out of it then they really need. Mr. McGill personally feels like the only way the system can work is if a specific person is elected for each social class, and manages the financial issue of their individual class and specializes in that class. Because someone from the middle class might not know what is best for the people in the lower class, and their should be one person for each social class so that the elected person can have all their focus on their designated social class.


Angela Johnson says that the government needs to find a way to distribute properly and equally the welfare, also have a better managing system where people learn to use it properly and not abuse the system in place. “We need to focus on the people who are in need vs. focusing on each individual political party, and do what works best for all the people of the country” said Angela Johnson.


When asked about solutions on how to prevent the people from abusing the system Maurqise McGill does not know a way to stop people from abusing the system. He had some suggestions such as having a better selection system for people when they are applying for welfare, and thinks their should be a system in place capable of choosing from the applicants who is most qualified to receive the aid. Angela Johnson on the other end believes that their should be a more thorough background check on applicants and by doing that the government will be able to distribute in a proper and fair manner to those in need.


We have heard from two different parties on this issue that has been going on for what some might say to long, now who will be the one to put an end to this problem?