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Homeschool is Better?

A big controversy in education is if homeschooling is a better alternative to the traditional setting? Some say that homeschooling is a hindrance on the students “people skills” their ability to communicate with other people, while most parents say that it gives them a place to set their own pace on education. In my professional opinion the reason that homeschooling is becoming more popular and a more explored option for students is because of the success of the students. When tested against public school students, homeschool students score higher in all subjects ranging from reading to social studies, according to the National average percentile score. a poll shows that homeschool students are better at communicating, socializing, and are more mature than public school students. The real question at is why is home schooling doing better? They both are teaching the same things, both settings have teachers, so what is the big difference? Care. In the home school setting the catalyst of care is used much more than in public schools. In home schooling the student learns at their own pace and is encourage to find ways to learning easier, an example of this is called hack schooling, this where students use to promote their learning. Public schools by design doesn’t have the room to show the ideal amount of care, with planning for the day, teaching the material, and most of all the stress of the education bored to get the students to the standard to give the students more care and the freedom to form their own way to of learning.