Racism is still a problem


The first stage of an intervention is denial, our country is stuck inside stage 1. News report after report has been speculating for months at a time about racism, but most underrated is institutional racism. Institutional racism are social institutions (government, schools, courts of law, etc.) giving negative treatment to a group of people based on their race. NPR reported that African American preschoolers make up 18% of the pre-school population and also takes up almost half of all out-of-school suspensions; 40% of all school expulsions are African American students and 2/3 of students referred to police are of color. In the places of business too, African Americans experience this issue with their own names. People with “unusual names” don’t get accepted into positions for jobs as much as someone with a “normal” name. My parents are witness to doing this with me. My mother told me, when I born my father wanted to name me Keyshawn, after the football player Keyshawn Johnson. My mom, on the other hand, gave me the name Jarred. The reason behind it was so I could be treated with equal opportunity in the business world for the future. When people look at my name, they expect to see a different figure or image every time. There hasn’t been one instance where I go into a job interview and they expected to see a black man with the name Jarred. It’s interesting, your name is an assumption for others who don’t know you to determine what you look like. Candidate Marcus Howard, is against the issue of institutional racism. He stated in a radio interview that it’s a “major factor” to the reason why he is running and one of the many things he would like to change. This presidential race is about to heat up and this one topic is going to be on the top burner deep into the race.