The Presidency at Saint Leo


Teaching the Make Better Teachers

As the world is changing, schools and the ways children are taught need to change as well. One way to change that would be to change the way teachers are taught or to have them go to more/more meaningful teacher classes at least once a year. We need to make sure that teachers are in it for the children. What’s the point of being a teacher if all they are going to do is teach at the students without making sure they are learning.

“Professional development should improve teachers’ knowledge of the subject matter that they are teaching, and it should enhance their understanding of student thinking in that subject matter” (2). If a teacher is teaching a specific subject, they should be able to convey that subject to their students in a way that keeps them motivated and actually learning. Students have said in polls for many years that they are more motivated when a teacher is hyped about the subject and calls them by name. If we put more emphasis into how teachers teach and less into how much we need to cram down students throats in one quarter, I’m sure that students will learn and keep memorized more than they do now when they are being taught at.

As the people who are taking care of and teaching the next generation, I would hope that they know what they are doing. Teachers should spend more time in professional development for high quality subject matter. Teachers should also take more classes on understanding students in basics on where they are mentally at that grade level, how students learn best, and what the best practices are from current time periods. If we know that students aren’t improving from the ways we have been teaching for centuries, why do we continue to teach that way?

Money and/or time should be put into properly education teachers, so that they may properly educate their students. Most classes are set up so that teachers lecture for the most of class time, while sometimes have activities for their students to do, and the actual processing of the information learned in class happening later outside. Though if teachers can learn to move that processing of information into the classroom, the students will “get better results in terms of learning” (1).

The ways subjects are implemented while staying on track is very slim, though the old ways of teaching aren’t necessarily bad. Teachers just need to find a way to implement those old ways better so that there’s more learning and processing going on in the classroom.

– Ema Nekaf