Voter Reform is Still a Problem

Every voting season the American people tend to run into the dilemma, that is should i cast my vote this year?  According to ( young voters of this nation of the age 18 to mid 20s are faced with the ethical problem of who to vote for and why, the article brings this point home beautifully, and I quote “Many argue that their vote really doesn’t count. Some say that they don’t know enough about the issues and think they shouldn’t vote. Others still say that they do not know where or how to vote or how to register. News stories about voter ID laws may deter some people from voting.” Furthermore this drives home the problem that many of the adult population as a majority are skeptical of young voters, simply because they lack the political back road and knowledge they do to vote Needless to say this divides the age gaps of American in the aspect of voting registration, and it often leads our youth to not voting. why is this a problem? well I’m here to say this cause a huge problem for the framework of our political system, simply because with out everyone’s vote tallied, how can one be sure that the leader of the American people is chosen correctly. So get out there, and cast your vote for the public figure you want to be in office this term, and remember your voice can never be heard if you stand silent.