The Presidency at Saint Leo

Republican Platform

Education Policy

Federal block grants to states appropriated for school choice with 10% to go to teacher pay.

All states will be required to meet minimum standards for Standardized testing. With the implementation of this bill a voucher system will be created per. state. These vouchers will allow students and their families to take the state funding that would go to a public or charter school and take it with them to a private school covering some if not of the fees associated with attending. Teachers who have been teaching for more than an continuous year will become eligible for a tax credit of $5000, this is in addition to the spending teachers are allowed to have as a tax a write off, a raise in the percentage of that write off will also occur

Foreign Policy

As a result of military budget cuts, we will shut down needless foreign bases, and cut military spending by at least 60% and bring our troops home.
Radical elements like Hamas and Hezbollah must be isolated because they do not meet the standards of peace and diplomacy of the international community. We call for the restoration of Lebanon’s independence, which those groups have virtually destroyed. We urge special efforts to preserve and protect the ethic and religious diversity and an individual states’ rights to self-sovernity.
We endorse the comprehensive strategy through which the United States works with its allies to ensure that international agreements against the Weapons of mass destruction are observed and enforced. Detect, disrupt, and block the spread of dangerous weapons and technology. Confront emerging threats from any person or states before the threats have fully materialized, and improve our capabilities to respond to the use of WMD and minimize consequences of an attack.
Nations that knowingly support terrorism within their country are just as guilty and dangerous as the perpetrators of terrorism. We are working in coalition with the UN as well as over 80 other allied nations in the fight against terrorism.

Immigration Policy

Stance: Make the pathway to legal residency easier and less inconvenient but apply or use a much more slim and imperative process for those immigrants who are in the United States illegally.
We support using biometric data to track immigrants as they enter, stay in, and leave the United States. This can be done via the US VISIT system, which has currently been implemented in over 115 airports, as well as land border crossings. This system would allow the government to not only verify the identity of incoming immigrants, but to track how long they stay in the country, and to ensure that they are not remaining here illegally. Another idea that we would like to apply nation-wide in order to have a better security system regarding the work and resident visas is the SAVE program.
Immigrants who are in the United States illegally should be submitted to the right criminal penalties. Including immigrants who have temporary visas and tend to overstay and refuse to leave, in other words, enhancing penalties for overstaying a visa. It all circulates in the use of better verification methods/systems and use a tougher security system to achieve fairness as a whole.

Economic Policy

We will not sign any budget that does not take steps toward reducing our deficit, and support a balanced budget amendment to prohibit us from ending up in this situation again. We advocate for an end to subsidies which are designed to prop up failing companies (such as Solyndra and SunEdison), and an end to ineffective bailouts and stimulus packages in times of economic recession. We will also insist that defense spending be aligned with what the military actually requests and not at the extremely high current amounts.
In order to cut costs, certain social programs must be restructured. Medicare and Medicaid should be placed under State control, so that they can be run more cost effectively and better serve the local populations. Social Security desperately requires a complete overhaul in order to make the program solvent again. This can be obtained by establishing both a private option as well as the option to completely opt out of the program for those individuals who would rather directly manage their retirement savings. Means testing for very high income individuals should also be implemented to ensure the program is able to continue paying middle and working class Americans. We also support re-implementing the welfare work requirement which was originally signed by President Clinton.
That the only real way to stimulate economic growth is to unleash the power of the free market by repealing costly and ineffective business regulations, as well as cutting both individual and corporate tax rates while closing loopholes.